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wavelengths and languages.

when you meet someone and you two seem to think the same, say the same things, act similarly; you have chemistry, whether platonic or romantic.

it’s like we all think in our own specific languages and the language that you and that other person think in are strikingly similar so it’s easy to grasp one another’s language right away.

but with other people, it takes time to learn their language.

you have to be open enough to teach your language to someone that wants to learn it.

and open enough to let someone teach you theirs.

I would not sing you to sleep.
I would press my lips to your ear
and hope the terror in my heart stirs you.

LULLABY by Reetika Vazirani

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at what point does loving yourself become narcissism?

at what point does the desire for another’s company become selfishness?

i don’t know how to deal.

i’ve learned a lot from my experiences.

yet i still know less than i did before.

and so anytime i’m sad or feeling negative, i just wish as hard as i can.

i wish to be a cyborg space ninja.

that probably means i have to first be a secret agent and be trained like an assassin and then i have to die in some tragic way.

but the agency still values me and uses my body to create the first cyborg assassin ninja for deployment in space.

but yeah, girls man, how do they work?

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you will fall.

like you always do.

and when you break, i will be there to gather the pieces and reconstruct you.

when i’m done you will leave me.

and i shall wait patiently for you to fall again.

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trill nigga 4real

trill nigga 4real

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